hugmyscythe: (nothing happened)
hugmyscythe ([personal profile] hugmyscythe) wrote2011-11-01 05:05 pm
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[Accidental Video]

[This video is uneventful. This video is peaceful. This video is continuous and obviously not intended. Dead Master sleeps soundly, a stuffed animal held tightly within her arms. The pale girl adjusts slightly, stretching as if about to wake, and then she relaxes with a satisfied sigh back into the mattress. She appears comfortable enough even as she sleeps with no covers or sheets. Watch and enjoy the innocent vulnerability of this girl, or wake her up and tell her the community has done away with privacy, to no one's surprise.]

[OOC: Basically, it's this picture but with the bed and pillows not as elaborate because she's still not in her own world.]

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