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Rl w/ Kefka, Ozaki

[It is not the place, but the people that make a world what it is. With Kefka frequently returning to his own world and the last virus leaving her distant from the only other person she knew here, the silence and those dreadful things called loneliness and boredom remind Dead Master of her own barren, less than populous world. She is surprised that these similarities of her home only bring about a faint sensation of homesickness. In truth, she expected to not miss her world at all. If the village remained uneventful like it is now, she wonders if sometime in the future she will be able to return to her world, if only for a short time.

Those thoughts are for later; for now, she must focus on what has to be done--what should already have been done--about this little town's problem. She knows a good number of who the okiagari are and where they are. All that is left is to strike back. At the moment, she waits outside of the Ozaki House for that colorful mage to appear. Hopefully, he will be able to convince the doctor it is time to deal with these undead. She could never ask by herself, not while she could still see the trace of bruises on his face.]

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I'm back!

[Kefka comes through a door inside a tree, which disappears once he closes it. Making sure the Tower was safe without him and catching up on the community kept him busy; whenever he tried from this world, the posts would explode onto the page at a frightening pace. Was time broken here?]

[Eh, he'll figure it out later.]

So, where's the doctor?

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[If the doctor looked worn down, it was no longer remarkable. Even the nurses have exhausted themselves with offers to help, coming to accept the lethargic mess of a man as a new and static state of being.

The rate of deaths had dropped significantly.

The ease that brought to villagers who heretofore deigned not to acknowledge the trend out loud was more nerve wracking than the unspoken pressure upon him to fix it. It only meant that they were biding their time; bringing in such showy support was the equivalent of declaring war. Without a doubt, they were only preparing...

Waiting was the most tiring thing. When they did attack, what would they do and how? They wouldn't slow their assault only to eventually trudge on in the same matter.

Was it going to be a slow battle, plucking them off at a not-quite-as-alarming rate?

No, as numbers grew, they should need to devour more.... Then, outside of the village? That would be a way to create reinforcements, a great number to swarm in and...

Ah. Speaking of an outside invasion... Pacing the clinic grounds, he reconsiders his trip to the veranda seeing the two of them.

It's a habit, now, to dodge her. The bruise he had mostly forgotten besides when remembering to shave throbbed. Would he be asked about that? Would he be asked about that entire situation? It was none of anybody else's business...

None of this was anybody's business. He considered just slipping back inside, trying to go unnoticed.]

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Hey, Ozaki!

[No escape. He'll have to deal with this on his own.]

We need to talk.

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[Damn it. He tenses visibly, as if caught doing something wrong before pulling the cigarette from his mouth and sighing in defeat. He trails over, eyes darting to the girl and away quickly enough, a single instant behind her own deflection before settling his stare more derisively on Kefka.] ...Things have slowed down. But, it'd be too convenient to believe there isn't more to it.

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They're probably preparing for an assault. Taking stock of things, preparing for an all-out attack, trying to find a way to get to the three of us.

[They're acting strangely. Why aren't they looking at each other?]

[...he's too tired from dealing with Scratch and the fallout of it. He'll figure them out later.]

I'd suggest moving to take them out now, while they're planning. They'll probably be closer together than we'll find them otherwise, and it'll minimize human casualties.

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Heh.... Fools rush in.

We don't know anything about them. This means that we can't tell anyone a thing about them. [With a final drag, he flicks the cigarette butt off to the side, smothering it out, keeping his eyes on it rather than anything else.] Think of how many have died; those are their numbers. The minute that they feel cornered, they'll lash out recklessly. The best thing for the okiagari, if under seige would be a town-wide panic. Even that would cost them more lives than the current stalemate... And, a panic would be the worst thing for us, under any circumstances. For the time being, we're at a Nash Equilibrium; the end result of rushing into anything without more information is just mutually assured destruction.

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Not if we get them all at once! What if we set their house on fire? Death Master and I can take out anyone who tries to leave the house! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am, they'll all be dead! That'll put the fear of humans into them!

I am a soldier, you know.

[It's the most efficient way of doing it. If he wanted to end things, he'd do that now. He's powerful enough to take most of them out. There's always collateral damage; better one or two than the whole town. But he's letting Ozaki be in charge, and...]

[...why aren't they doing eye contact? He can understand why they wouldn't look at him, they like each other better and he talks morbidly, but they're not looking at each other. Did he miss something? He was out for like a week writing love letters during that virus a few weeks ago. Maybe something happened? Weird.]

[Both DM and Ozaki are getting confused looks from Kefka.]

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[Dealing with Kefka is easier than being confronted by her, now. He focuses his gaze on the other man, cocking a brow as if daring him to comment on the oddity between them that he's noticed; surely, Kefka won't want to detract from talk of battle and destruction to delve into personal affairs.] We don't know how or if fire effects them. Has it even been confirmed that they're all in one base?

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It'd be easier if we had one to test it on, but we don't.

[Kyoko. He'd noticed when they came back from the haunted house. Pale and tired; the three of them were all gone, a perfect opportunity for vampires. And they had taken it. Or so he suspects. It's good enough to try.]

[For science, right? People will do anything if they think it's the Right Thing to do. That zeal keeps them going even as they soak themselves in blood. It's hilarious! As much as he likes Kyoko, she'd make a great turning point for Ozaki. Besides, once Ozaki was done, Kefka could snag her and let her live out her true, evil potential on his world. Good trade, right? Or she'd die and get to the afterlife. Eh, he'll see.]

Besides, pretty much everything is flammable! If that doesn't work, a spike of ice through their spines would also do pretty well. Master, what's the status of their location?

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[Fire does sound like a solid enough plan. His eyes flicker to Dead Master, struggling to hold eye contact as if it would become normal with that. His lips press into a thin line before he closes his eyes, making it look like an act of thought rather than cowardice.] Mm...

[The smell of nicotine, the thought of burning triggers another concern. He isn't sure now if he's making excuses or not; the fact that Kefka is supporting the plan, the fact that he's seen not so much as a single subversive motive or move from him is still suspicious.]

...But, we're in a dry season, in the middle of the woods. Being reckless with fire is dangerous.

[The Kirishiki mansion, the stronghold, is practically visible from all areas of town. He turns his eyes towards that high hill.] They've got money. Even if the Okiagari are a legend mostly from this village, whatever they are, they've started someplace else... Probably, if things break down, their leaders will make an escape. And want to take care of the evidence... [There's a pause as his eyes widen at that.

Ishida, his contact at the records office, had gone missing. He'd written plenty of death certificates himself. Would they be able to leave something like that alone? If they seemed to be slowing down on outright murder, there were still other moves they could be making.

His tone is distracted, realizing the enemy's potential plan, but more interested in checking in on it than explaining it.]

...I want to check something at the records office.

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Do you think so little of me that I can't control a fire? They're on a hill. There isn't any wind. I can make water. And money can't save someone from a sword.

[What happened to using resources well? Which is pretty funny, granted, but frustrating as well. He's an amazing killer. Why not use it against "inhuman beings"?]

Sounds good. I can keep guard while you and Dead Master go. Or should I go, since you two apparently did the great dance of life and can't keep your eyes on each other?
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[He wonders if he should protect her honor in this instance, but time spent thinking is time she spends clarifying the situation herself. He'd glare harder at Kefka if he still had the energy in him. He of all people immediately jumping to a perverted assumption; did he forget that he had met his wife not long ago?] .... [He makes yet another face, absently thinking that he had an easy enough time forgetting he was married. Kyoko'd been oddly compliant and unobtrusive lately. No complaints from his mother about her, either.

Well, that's not important.]

It isn't money protecting them that I'm worried about. It's the fact that if there is an escape route, the heads will definitely take it and plant themselves someplace else. This epidemic needs to be stopped here completely.

I don't mind being accompanied, but... as long as we move in daylight, at least, it should be fine.

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Right. Should we block all the roads?

[Easiest way to prevent leaving. Then, they're trapped like flies on a bottle.]

[And hopefully they'll stop being so awkward now!]

You're the boss, boss.

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We'd get quite a bit of attention for blocking off the roads... A lot of people commute to Miyobe for work during the day, and the Yasumori construction group.... [He trails off; they've been inactive, due to the heads of the family dropping off like flies. They aren't driving back and forth so fast.

He falls into thought, holding his chin. It would still be possible for them to hide in the woods, to spread out. No matter how powerful, three people are three people, and without knowing the numbers, how are they supposed to be thorough? Much less without being caught; what is one going to tell townspeople, much less the police who keep watch on the roads? That a vampire extermination is taking place?

Maybe this is the Okiagari's exit strategy, now that they've been found out. If they've been watched, it's possible they know who's watching them. Ozaki's eyes shift to Dead Master--no, quickly to Kefka, instead. Have they decided not to fight an unknown enemy, too? Being hunted by the supernatural from some ridiculous community can't be a common affair for them. Any other town, then, would suit them better, at least until the circus has moved on.

But, that would save his own village. Why should he worry about the rest of the world? His duty is to Sotoba.

No, that's Kefka's style of logic, the kind of madman's thoughts that lead to being upset over the loss of one's own hometown when destroying the world. That won't do.]
...I'll see how many have died. If I calculate the increasing death rate, I should be able to deduce how many, on average, rise up, and from there approximately how many we should be looking to take care of.

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Do we know the percentages for who rises and who doesn't?

[That look. Ha! So judging. As if Ozaki is any better. He'll show his true hand soon enough, and the rescue of this village would be worth it.]

Are landslides common here?
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The area's well forested; the roots hold the ground fairly stable, even in Yamairi. I can't remember hearing about a landslide here, at least in my lifetime... We don't know the percentages for risings. Last year, our death toll was low enough that I can still remember it: four for the total year.

But the numbers are high enough by now that four or five unrelated deaths at any time, even together, shouldn't throw calculations off too much, once we have the numbers... Certainly, the rate became noticeable roughly two months after Kanemasa--no, the Kirishiki mansion was moved into... [That reminded him that he had told certain details to Seishin, but not to them, the ones who were, at least, actively helping him. His eyes went to Dead Master again, this time holding their gaze before he focused on her. It was probably irrelevant information to her, someone who was only interested in hunting them swiftly and violently, but if nothing else, it may have been worth it to show that he had made some strides in his research to this point.

Kefka had gotten further in less time. Hard as it was to look her in the eye, looking him in the face while sharing his meager findings was just depressing.]
From what I've figured, they can attack a victim three or four times until they're dead. It seems like they drink about two mugs worth of blood per round before they get full.

It should be to their advantage to spread out their victims and let them recover, without having to have them die off. Crop rotation.

I can't tell if the increasing death rates are a matter of them trying to increase their numbers, or the result of having too many to feed to be able to rotate their victims too easily. Accessibility is a problem for them, with their limitations being what they are.