hugmyscythe: (wasting time)
hugmyscythe ([personal profile] hugmyscythe) wrote2011-11-14 04:43 pm

Rl w/ Kefka, Ozaki

[It is not the place, but the people that make a world what it is. With Kefka frequently returning to his own world and the last virus leaving her distant from the only other person she knew here, the silence and those dreadful things called loneliness and boredom remind Dead Master of her own barren, less than populous world. She is surprised that these similarities of her home only bring about a faint sensation of homesickness. In truth, she expected to not miss her world at all. If the village remained uneventful like it is now, she wonders if sometime in the future she will be able to return to her world, if only for a short time.

Those thoughts are for later; for now, she must focus on what has to be done--what should already have been done--about this little town's problem. She knows a good number of who the okiagari are and where they are. All that is left is to strike back. At the moment, she waits outside of the Ozaki House for that colorful mage to appear. Hopefully, he will be able to convince the doctor it is time to deal with these undead. She could never ask by herself, not while she could still see the trace of bruises on his face.]

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