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Character: Dead Master
Fandom: Black★Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter

Character Notes:
Dead Master is the ‘Otherself’ of Yomi Takanashi that resides in the world that lies parallel to the human world. The Otherworld in which they live is empty and stale, with a heavy dose of gothic shadows, an only-the-strongest-survive schema, and post-apocalyptic-wasteland overtones. It is mostly monochrome, where only the brightest colors stand out. And while the OVA does not show much of the world besides the ruins of civilization, the manga reveals their world does still hold towns full of people who do not appear to be Otherselves. The Otherselves are distinct from both the normal people in the Otherworld and the humans in the normal world due to their lack of skin pigmentation, glowing eyes, and intrinsic ability to control and shape shadows into clothes, armor, and weapons.

Like the other Otherselves, where and when Dead Master first appeared is unknown. She is never shown to age or change. Even before Yomi grew jealous in the real world, Dead Master is already fighting Black★Rock Shooter. Because of these two instances, it highly possible that Dead Master came into existence, or already had been existing, fully grown around or long before the time young Yomi started to develop feelings of loneliness and anxiety. Whatever her origins, it remains clear that Dead Master and Black★Rock Shooter have been at odds with each other for an extended period of time.

Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master in the Otherworld appear to have known each other before the events of the OVA. Whatever happened to their supposed friendship ended badly, and now Dead Master wants nothing but to make Black★Rock Shooter think only about her and her alone—by fighting. The OVA mostly consists of Dead Master playing around with her target, not dealing a final blow, Black★Rock Shooter escaping, and then more fighting.

In the end, Dead Master is able to call her Otherself, Yomi, and channel Yomi’s negative feelings into her own to give more power. Because their connection through hate is strong, Dead Master is able to fully pull Yomi into the Otherworld and into her body. Unfortunately for Dead Master, Black★Rock Shooter is able to do the exact same thing with her Otherself who only wants to save Yomi from the loneliness of jealousy. With this new strength, Black★Rock Shooter is easily blocks the attacks Dead Master tries again. This is because that even though Dead Master and Yomi are both lonely, it is also true that she doesn’t wish to be; a part of her loss was due to a secret wanting to be saved. Because the source of her attacks—loneliness and loathing— is something she silently and unconsciously abhors, it makes her weak and unable to counter the power of friendship.

Black★Rock Shooter follows her Otherself’s instinct, and hugs Dead Master. It is a sign of compassion, forgiveness, and love. Dead Master is confused and lost by the action, another feeling she hates. She is unable to comprehend the kindness and attempts to push Black★Rock Shooter away. However, Yomi at this point is with her—and Yomi wishes to stay in the embrace. The animosity in Dead Master separates from the two and perishes. It was inevitable; loneliness and anxiety make a person weak, and like everything else in the Otherworld, the weak dies off. She is just lucky to have someone who cares for her, to keep the good part of her rooted to life. Dead Master is still there, but she is no longer entirely who she is, or was, because she accepts friendship. She is now Yomi more than ever, and much stronger because of it.

To anyone of whom Dead Master shows no concern over, she doesn’t care. This is because of her mania with a single person; to anyone else she is pretty much indifferent. They hold neither positive nor negative meaning to her—they just are there. If they get in between her and who she’s obsessed with, then they matter. What this means is that she’ll treat them with some courtesy, but that mostly includes giving them the cold shoulder and speaking to them as little as possible.

As said before, Dead Master is the ‘other self’ of Yomi. In essence she is indeed Yomi, but exhibits much less restraint, much more instability, and as a result is very fragile, if not already broken. Dead Master is an exaggerated reflection of the turmoil Yomi feels. No doubt, the politeness and compassion are still there. However, the cruel otherworld has conditioned those feelings to be buried far down. The more jealousy, lost, and loneliness Yomi feels, the more vicious Dead Master becomes. The violence is used as an outlet for her emotional instability. As the OVA progresses, the correlation becomes obvious: in the beginning Dead Master is only playing with Black★Rock Shooter; later on her attacks become increasingly lethal. However, every time Dead Master pins Black★Rock Shooter (which happens on multiple accounts), no final blow is done.

As Dead Master is a reflection of Yomi, she also feels lonely. Dead Master likes the feelings of attention and wanting of the person she cares about. In the vein of being a obsessed to the people she likes, she is both greedy and selfish for their affection. She wants all of someone’s attention, all the time. Thus, she wants Black★Rock Shooter’s undivided attention and affection. The only way Dead Master is able to satisfy those feelings is by eliciting them in a negative way. So when Black★Rock Shooter’s life is in danger, of course whatever is causing that danger has her full attention. The danger is always Dead Master, and so Black★Rock Shooter’s eyes are always on her. If Black★Rock Shooter were to die, Dead Master would be permanently lonely. Keeping Black★Rock Shooter on the edge all the time not only makes Black★Rock Shooter think constantly about Dead Master, but the tension also ensures that Black★Rock Shooter is always able to prepare for the next attack. So, Dead Master doesn’t want Black★Rock Shooter dead, but alive and only attending her.

Dead Master is unable to come to terms with being helped, even thought she so desperately wants it. By the end of the OVA this flaw is her undoing—literally. She’d rather dissolve into the air than to ask for and accept help because doing so would show weakness, and the hatred part of her does in fact do this. She’s a very confused individual. Though she obviously wants and likes true affection, she does not know how to react to them. Or perhaps better put, she only knows how to react to them with violence. Horror and the survival instinct is what her world bred her to understand; anything different ironically makes her feel more helpless, more scared, and ultimately more prone to act hostile. You hug her and she doesn’t like you in the first place she will attack you in return. You hug her and she actually likes you, she’ll push you away. And probably become upset about how confusing feelings are. While at the end of the OVA much of her insecurity is resolved, as with any character building not all of her anxiety is gone.

She enjoys fights because they provide a distraction from her normal mentality. It clears her mind due to there only being one thought dominating her psyche, and that thought is to bring harm to the victim. During fights, she is graceful and playful with her attacks, sadistic, and overall vicious. Though she can be greatly harmed, the only thing that will render her paralyzed is ~*love and compassion*~.

Her playful manner becomes more prominent when she believes she is in control of the situation. If not fighting, her playfulness may come up as bold or flirtatious with others, just to see their reactions.

Dead Master appears as a girl around the age of 14. She is extremely thin, leaning towards the emaciated side. Her skin is so white that if you tossed her in the snow she would disappear. Her eyes glow green. They get brighter the more excited she gets, which is usually during fights. She has a pair of skinless wings that somehow function enough to let her fly fast. What else? Oh, yeah: two magnificent black horns protrude from her skull. They have a vertebrae-like appearance, and she is rather fond of them.

Black★Rock Shooter started off as a PV staring Miku Hatsune singing the Supercell song ‘Black★Rock Shooter’. The PV was turned into an OVA project.
As a minor warning: just by the angle of the shots, Black★Rock Shooter managed to fill itself with fan service without any panty shots or nudity.
Dead Master carries around a scythe appropriately named ‘Dead Scythe’. She also chills with two skulls. Yeah, she likes the bones motif. Anyways as mentioned above, she has an ability to manipulate shadow (like the other 'Otherselves'), which she uses to form her clothes, chains, and scythe. The Dead Scythe, being formed from the shadows, is not a normal piercing weapon. While it still may cut through material, its dark attribute allows it to cut through the essence of things. (Apparently, that unique ability is the reason it is called 'Dead Scythe'. As to what that means...oh Japan, why you so hard to translate?) The two skulls seem to be something else entirely that she can control; as to how, it is unknown.

Additional Links:

The PV.

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I am taking Dead Master after her canon, so she’ll be more open to characters and interaction. That being said, old habits are hard to break…