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RL w/ Shooter

[ She has become familiar with this town's streets and buildings. What she is not terribly familiar with are the residents, or the residents who are still alive. The Shiki themselves are easy enough to identify, but what is that information when that doctor never asks for it? Even he seemed to not know what fun there is to do in this village. Dead Master wouldn't blame it on the small population; after all, her own world is far more empty (not including the souls of course, which are countless). She wishes she knew what the youth and elderly do here to occupy themselves when not working or completing their homework.

Currently, they are at the village's shrine, just beneath the weathered torii. By now, her expression has become as blank as Shooter's. ]
And so,
you have now seen

the entirety of Sotoba.

[ What a lackluster conclusion. Perfectly appropriate for a tour given by an outsider in the first place. ]

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