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Rl w/ BRS, Ozaki, Rei

[Sleep is a strange thing. It leaves the person completely unaware, completely vulnerable. For those reasons, it is a much more frightening thing than Dead Master would ever admit. Yet without it, many others would be helpless and easily beaten. What happened before she brought Rei to Sotoba is proof enough of that. Taking a few hours out of the day to drift into the unconscious proves to have many beneficial effects, recovery one of them. Even her kind would find themselves resting or sleeping if injured severely enough. Although, the last time she had fallen asleep was after that one virus...

Dead Master cannot tell if Rei sleeps soundly or not, but she is certain that taking him away from his world is the best thing to do as well as the only thing she can do at this point. Leaning against the wall, she looks from Rei's sleeping form to the light spears Shooter and she had extracted from their bodies only a few days earlier. The room may be cleaned of their blood, but the glowing spears served as a continuous reminder that they must eventually fight something that will undoubtedly lead to more injuries. In any case, it seems her room is becoming a place for others to recover. Her eyes move to Shooter. ]
Rei Suzumura

will be safer here than

his world. [ That should be all the reason she has to give. After all, it seems that Rei does not want many to know what else is going on. ]
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[she'd been startled by the newcomer's sudden appearance but said nothing, only silently nodding in response to Dead Master's brief explanation. it's... odd, yet warming, to see her helping someone else. so proud of/happy for you, Dead-chan.]
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[... did you do that to hurt him, or as a means to bring him over here?]
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[so... is he a friend or not]
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[... so now what?]
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[you should be the one to stay, since waking up and seeing someone he doesn't know probably wouldn't be good either.]
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[what even happened, anyways?]
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[yyyyeah that sounds vaguely familiar]
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[nothing, nothing at all]
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[are you being compassionate, it sounds like you're being that]
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[have you ever hugged anyone else?]
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[oh yeah she met Feferi, she's nice.

what virus?]
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[she'll have some idea of what to expect, at least]
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[you'd be okay with her seeing what happened to you?]
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[ah... now she's just curious]
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[... ... alright, then]

[it'll probably take her a while to figure out how to find it tho]
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[The nurses had mumbled about a small commotion that sounded like people coming in, and they had noticed the second house guest, the clinic being directly connected to the house. Hearing those two had been busy, and recalling their last conversation was about playing with fire, he thought it best to perhaps peek in.

He checked the community. No viruses appeared to be occurring. Things should be safe.

...He'll still knock first.]
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[He hadn't expected a third; at this rate, she has more friends that he does, it seems.

More worrisome is that it doesn't look like somebody from her world; this appears to be somebody who can--and is--sustaining injury. Without further ado, he steps past and inside, ready to look him over.]
What happened here?
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[He shoots her a sidelong glance, wondering if this is her idea of black humor; from the looks of very physical ailments, sleep problems is the least of his concerns... So he thinks until seeing the mark on his chest. That stops him short.

Ah. Something magic.

Something beyond his means and understanding again.]

[And then the same utterance again, this time in acceptance rather than surprise.] ... Ah.
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Mm... [He takes that to mean she doesn't really trust Kefka's concoctions. There's no shame in that. His eyes shift from the bag towards the boy again.]

Is he under some kind of nightmare curse? [So it wasn't a bad joke. Ths is surely, invariably something out of his hands, but at the very least, he may be able to do something about the external injuries, depending on their extent. Even supernatural entities do natural enough damage. In theory.]
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[It was almost strange not to have any sort of dream after nearly a week straight of nothing but nightmares and sleep deprivation, yet nice considering the circumstances. There was nothing interrupting him, no reason for him to break out in a cold sweat with Silva asking him what was wrong, whether it be from chest pains thanks to the Seal or the fact that he still couldn't get over the fact that he was still seeing Shizuka when he was sure that he had finally moved on after all that -

But the sound of voices causes him to stir, letting out a soft groan before his eyes snap open, remembering the events prior to blacking out. His breaths come faster now as he tenses, sitting up suddenly only to double over, a hand at his stomach where Dead Master had punched him, only to look over at the people standing at the bedside, his voice slightly groggy with much-needed sleep, but his tone is even and serious otherwise:]

... where am I.
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[He gives a bit of a scowl - this wasn't exactly what he had in mind coming into this -]

.... No, but I actually slept, so I can't fault that.