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Rl w/ BRS, Ozaki, Rei

[Sleep is a strange thing. It leaves the person completely unaware, completely vulnerable. For those reasons, it is a much more frightening thing than Dead Master would ever admit. Yet without it, many others would be helpless and easily beaten. What happened before she brought Rei to Sotoba is proof enough of that. Taking a few hours out of the day to drift into the unconscious proves to have many beneficial effects, recovery one of them. Even her kind would find themselves resting or sleeping if injured severely enough. Although, the last time she had fallen asleep was after that one virus...

Dead Master cannot tell if Rei sleeps soundly or not, but she is certain that taking him away from his world is the best thing to do as well as the only thing she can do at this point. Leaning against the wall, she looks from Rei's sleeping form to the light spears Shooter and she had extracted from their bodies only a few days earlier. The room may be cleaned of their blood, but the glowing spears served as a continuous reminder that they must eventually fight something that will undoubtedly lead to more injuries. In any case, it seems her room is becoming a place for others to recover. Her eyes move to Shooter. ]
Rei Suzumura

will be safer here than

his world. [ That should be all the reason she has to give. After all, it seems that Rei does not want many to know what else is going on. ]

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