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RL with Rei Suzumura, backdated like whoa

[ It is not and never would be a physical exhaustion that plagues her, and she certainly will not admit that she is exhausted at this moment. No, her tiredness comes of a different sort. Times like these she would turn to fighting as a distraction, but she finds it curious that at the moment she does not find any appeal in her favorite pastime.

A small break is needed for a time like this, to prevent her from abandoning troubles altogether (an option she fights from considering). Fortunately, she feels secure enough to leave Shooter in her home world. So here she is, back in Shinjuku in a world where there is life, activity, and worry over things that do not threaten life itself. It is not as strange to her as it once was, and among the bustling crowds of the city she feel a bit more comfortable than last time.

This second time around, Rei would not be difficult to find. ]
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[As much as Rei would like to call himself a loner, he did like the company of people at times. it was just that he preferred them to keep their distance to prevent any mishaps if a job ever went wary.

He had taken his bike into the main part of the district, parking it before weaving through the crowds. She shouldn't be too hard to pick out considering that she was wearing all black, so it was just a matter of spotting that among some of the people that had decided to visit the area for the day.]
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[After a little bit of walking, though, he spots Dead Master, and grins slightly with a small wave.]

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Yeah, you too.

[He glances around, only to shake his head and look back at her with a slight smirk.]

So, where to first?
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that moment when I get to do research on landmarks in Shinjuku. 8Db

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[Hey, maybe she had a preference on something, he didn't know. But winging it's the best part of it all, in his opinion.]

Hm ...

[He takes a moment to think about it, then grins a bit, nodding once.]

Got it. C'mon.
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[There's a bit of a walk before the two of them come up to this building, and Rei glances up with a grin. It wasn't too long ago that he and Kouga had a fight that ran down this exact building - the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office.

This was one of the few times he had actually come here as a civilian, but going into the armor in broad daylight? Was completely stupid. Plus there was no Horrors out anyway, so the actual reason for him to go into it would be invalidated anyway.]

This place has a few memories, but that's not why I brought you here.
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[He's ... actually surprised, but then he shrugs a bit.]

Thought you might enjoy the view on the observation deck.
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Well, a part of it, anyway. Not sure how much we'll be able to see from the top, but worth a shot anyway.

[And sure, they get looks as they're heading in and toward the elevator, but hey, there's tourists coming through all the time - it could be a lot worse, honestly.]
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[Rei lets out a chuckle at that, smirking right back.]


[That and since it's during the week, at least the elevator isn't as crowded as it could've been. Then again, for all the talk and how he acted, Rei wasn't a huge fan of crowds, especially strangers. He wasn't sure if it was a result of what happened or of the job. Probably both, thinking on it.]
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Nope, that's news to me. Somehow I'm not surprised, but - when'd you get it?
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[Couple people had to get off before the top floor, but now at least they're almost there.]


Yeah, no, had no idea. He friendly at all?

[Aaaaand there we go, a soft ding, and they're at the observation deck.]
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Glad I haven't had to deal with anything like that.

[A few moments later, he's leading her out of the hallway, and they're at the observation deck. Rei automatically takes a position, leaning against the railing.]

Besides, I'd probably be a horrible pet owner with the whole "having a job that could get me killed at any time" bit.