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backdated to July 5th

[ She knows Gellert well enough to guess what he likes. That is, excitement and a challenge enveloped in danger. She may consider him foolish in other areas, but she does admire his taste in adventure and the overflowing courage.

Putting those together, she figures out (what she thinks is) a wonderful birthday present: dragon hunting. The one area of her world that is known to culture dragons and serpents of foul and fierce natures suits this just fine. The terrain is rough, with scattered, black bones littering the ground. Giant chains swoop through the landscape, fastened to nothing but the tumultuous sky. The air is heavy with brimstone and acid, and in the distance a pained roar of a great beast can be heard: a bone-chilling sound that most would only hear before death.

But. He is the type of man that would laugh in the face of death. If they happen to meet the mistress of this particular domain, she wouldn't mind seeing him laugh at her, too. For now she waits for his arrival, her scythe already out. ]
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[Gellert soon Apparates in, grinning when he sees her.]

Greetings, Fraulein.

[He then glances briefly around.]

What is this place called?
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Another of your kind? Interesting...

[He glances around, bright-eyed. Seeing the bones, he remarks.]

It seems that somebody has already been hunting.
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[He does follow her, still looking around curiously.]

What types of dragons are here?

[In his world there are many different kinds, some more dangerous than others.]
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I like the sound of fun and powerful.

[He laughs.]
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Truthfully I have encountered very few and none very close.
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Sorry for the slow! <3

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[He looks down at the bones then to her, taking out his wand and following.]

You never do disappoint me, Fraulein. Always full of fascinating surprises.
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[His eyebrows arch.]

Did Dragon Slayer already get to this one?
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I would prefer more of a challenge.
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[He trails after her. He's up for the hunt and the capture but not all that interested in injuring and killing any dragons, particularly ones that are already hurt. He just didn't see the point in it. It wasn't any fun to him to kick something that was already down.]

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[Gellert - rather than being at all frightened - gives a delighted laugh, clutching his wand.]

I expect some are more vulnerable to ice and water than others. Do you have any idea about this one?
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[Brightly, Gellert looks up.]

Then we shall try and see.

[He speaks a brief phrase and from his wand launches a bolt of ice toward the dragon. Oddly, it bends as it travels as if it were going to try to wrap around the dragon, perhaps its neck to shut down any possibly fiery breath.]
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[As Dead Master leaps forward, Gellert springs nimbly back and casts another spell. It throws a sort of heavy rope toward the dragon, with intent to bind it but the rope becomes shredded by those spikes and Gellert looks to Dead Master quickly to see if she needs any help.]
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[Gellert throws more icy shards toward the dragon's which transforms much of it to water which evaporates in the heat to steam. But it at least rendered most of the fiery burst safe.]

Step back!

[He calls to her then he performs a full body bind spell on the dragon. It stills where it is, immobilized. The spell is meant for human-sized things though, so may wear off quickly.]
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[He narrows his eyes, watching the dragon to make sure it doesn't attack Dead Master.]

Do you want to destroy it?

[He finds the hunt exciting but isn't all that interested in the kill.]
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If they do not know any better then they should be taught... If they cannot learn then...

[He nods, in agreement with her words.]