hugmyscythe: (:P)
hugmyscythe ([personal profile] hugmyscythe) wrote2012-08-04 12:35 am

Rl w/ shooter

[ Concering someone like Shooter, Dead Master would not be one to ask a "hypothetical" question to all of the community asking what to do when spending time with someone else. That's why she went directly to Kefka and asked him.

That's why she holds two tickets to a certain opera in her hand. Box seats, even. His world always seemed like fun, and the man did know good entertainment. Neither Otherself would be worldly enough to have gone to an opera before, and Shooter did mention she enjoys singing. Opera is supposedly the most magnificent form of using voice. (Plus this would totally one-up that pop karaoke, right? Right?)

Oblivious to the trauma that is currently happening on the community, they are now in Kefka's world, outside the opera house. Sorry, BRS. She did not bring any roses. ]

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