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SERIES: Black★Rock Shooter OVA
CANON POINT: After the end.
AGE: Appears 15.
APPEARANCE: A frail looking thing: skinny, colorless, and with green eyes that glow. Her horns and wings add to the gothic-loli design. The dress and capris she wears are simple and black, seemingly made of the same substance from which she summons her scythe. From her hands to her upper arm are black, skeleton like appendages.


“The Otherworld”, “The Hazama”, or “The Threshold”.
It is where tormented souls of the dead may end up, dragging anyone that they hurt, anyone that they wish to hurt there, and anyone that may have hurt them with them to this place. When souls ‘break’ from stress or despair, they reveal their true colors as monsters that only know their regret. The Otherselves are like “Janitors” here, cleaning up these souls if and when they break. The Otherworld is a surreal world, consisting mostly of a monochrome background, a moon that never sets, and high cliffs that characters may stand on to look upon said moon all reflective-like. Everything from the towns, cities, and humans, to the ground, the plants, and air, has nothing but a feel of the peaceful silence that is death. In fact, the towns themselves are merely constructs of the human soul’s imagination, and they readily disappear when an Otherself slays their corrupted soul. As such, nothing of human mind and construction, from these towns, to water, to food, is truly real in the Otherworld. What’s left when the soul is gone is a barren landscape. So—what are the Otherselves shown to eat? Well, they are shown to eat the fake-food constructed by the human souls. More importantly, they have been shown to eat these souls.

The times when it is not peaceful are when the Otherselves decide to beat the hell out of each other. This comes into play with Dead Master. She does not wish to adhere to her “Janitor” duty because the broken souls are much too easy; she only wants to fight others that may cause real excitement in the Otherworld. Fights between Otherselves are highly destructive and spectacular in nature, despite their short length because of high curve between their powers. Souls may be caught in the cross fight, even if they neither devolved into their monstrous forms yet nor were ready to move on.

But…if the souls are already dead, then how do the Otherselves actually kill them? Simple. The Otherselves purpose as Janitors is to make sure dead things eventually die. Permanently. If the soul doesn’t move on, then they kill them so that they do. The Otherselves have the ability to make sure dead things, well, die, in a sort of 'unexist' sort of way. This ranges from humans to animals to objects themselves.

To anyone of whom Dead Master shows no concern over, she doesn’t care. This is because of her mania with a single person; to anyone else she is pretty much indifferent. They hold neither positive nor negative meaning to her—they just are there. If they get in between her and who she’s obsessed with, then they matter. What this means is that she’ll treat them with some courtesy, but that mostly includes giving them the cold shoulder and speaking to them as little as possible.

Dead Master is the ‘other self’ of Yomi. In essence she is indeed Yomi, but exhibits much less restraint, much more instability, and as a result is very fragile, if not already broken. Dead Master is an exaggerated reflection of the turmoil Yomi feels. No doubt, the politeness and compassion are still there. However, the cruel otherworld has conditioned those feelings to be buried far down. The more jealousy, lost, and loneliness Yomi feels, the more vicious Dead Master becomes. The violence is used as an outlet for her emotional instability. As the OVA progresses, the correlation becomes obvious: in the beginning Dead Master is only playing with Black★Rock Shooter; later on her attacks become increasingly lethal. However, every time Dead Master pins Black★Rock Shooter (which happens on multiple accounts), no final blow is done.

As Dead Master is a reflection of Yomi, she also feels lonely. Dead Master likes the feelings of attention and wanting of the person she cares about. In the vein of being a obsessed to the people she likes, she is both greedy and selfish for their affection. She wants all of someone’s attention, all the time. Thus, she wants Black★Rock Shooter’s undivided attention and affection. The only way Dead Master is able to satisfy those feelings is by eliciting them in a negative way. So when Black★Rock Shooter’s life is in danger, of course whatever is causing that danger has her full attention. The danger is always Dead Master, and so Black★Rock Shooter’s eyes are always on her. If Black★Rock Shooter were to die, Dead Master would be permanently lonely. Keeping Black★Rock Shooter on the edge all the time not only makes Black★Rock Shooter think constantly about Dead Master, but the tension also ensures that Black★Rock Shooter is always able to prepare for the next attack. So, Dead Master doesn’t want Black★Rock Shooter dead, but alive and only attending her.

Dead Master is unable to come to terms with being helped, even thought she so desperately wants it. By the end of the OVA this flaw is her undoing—literally. She’d rather dissolve into the air than to ask for and accept help because doing so would show weakness, and the hatred part of her does in fact do this. She’s a very confused individual. Though she obviously wants and likes true affection, she does not know how to react to them. Or perhaps better put, she only knows how to react to them with violence. Horror and the survival instinct is what her world bred her to understand; anything different ironically makes her feel more helpless, more scared, and ultimately more prone to act hostile. While at the end of the OVA much of her insecurity is resolved, but as with any character building not all of her anxiety is gone.

As she stands now after being defeated by nothing other than a hug, she now realizes the importance of relationships with others. She knows enough about friendship to want to have it herself, but knows that she's been a horrible person up until now. So in that sense, she believes that she doesn't really deserve relationships with others, for the only one she does want to interact with is none other than the person who hugged her. Yet, she strongly believes in the power of friendship now, despite her appearance. This view is relatively normal when communicating with others, but it certainly becomes twisted when she speaks with Black★Rock Shooter. She struggles with the idea of being human and what it means to be one, for in her world humans are the good, the bad, and the malevolent. If she can't be 'human' in a way that means being a good person, she can be human in a less than nice way.

Dead Master’s main weapon is called the Dead Scythe. It is both taller and heavier than her, obnoxiously dangerous, and appears and disappears at will. He other weapon is....what fandom has only described as a 'vegetable peeler' for its appearance. This, however, is her more powerful weapon--something has the manga has shown to be an one-hit kill ability.
Two giant black skulls accompany her, usually hovering somewhere behind her. Like her other two weapons, she can call them into existence. They...don't really have much use other than being very large and very heavy; they make for good distractions, and she treats them like pets, but other than that in fights they're mainly used for creating distractions.
Her hands up to her forearms are basically large, black, claw-like skeletons. She doesn't feel pain when someone strikes her there. A pair of bony wings adorn her back and with them, she can fly--although she usually doesn't.
She has incredible strength, enough to carry her own scythe and skulls, and fight in mid air without technically 'flying'.
 She has a high tolerance for pain. Cuts and bruises will not bother her, and they disappear rapidly. Greater damage such as severed limbs and viscera take longer to heal. Healing happens quicker when she rests, not that she’ll ever admit it.
 Her right eye can...light on fire. This usually happens when she's feeling the thrill of the fight.
 Part of what the Otherselves are supposed to do as 'Janitors' in their world is make sure the dead die. This would not be possible if they did not have such an ability to 'slay the essence', so to speak. This kind of attack that allows the Otherselves to bring about absolute death is not activated all the time.
POSSESSIONS: The clothes on her back and her weapons. The Otherworld is a place where reality is constructed by the stagnated souls that arrive there. Once the soul passes on or once an Otherself rends them into nothing, everything they constructed--from food, to buildings, to clothes, to the air itself--disappears, leaving the world to be barren.

Dear_Mun Example 1
Dear_Mun Example 2


She stands in front of a dusty mirror. It’s cracked right where her right eye is, but the broken image is more accurate than the clear one would ever be. Not that it matters, for her gaze is slightly upwards, where horns protrude boldly from her skull.
"They look like
She slides long finger over the ridges, knowing each of the spinous processes like she knows her scythe. So stiff and unbreaking…and so unlike the bones of people. Not white in color, but black.
As she has never been injured enough to see her own, she wonders if her own bones are black, if her skull is black, if her spine is black, and if all of her skeleton is made of this organic crystal. She turns around, exposing her back to the mirror. If only her skin were transparent, then she would know.
Instead she counts eight protrusions of the spine. The corners of her lips turn down when she sees the wasting. She has gone too long without a meal. But she can’t stop to look for food, not yet. She’s hunting for someone else. For her.
Her thoughts waste time when they’re not on her. But she’ll never admit that the distraction is relieving.

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