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If you've encountered any issues with how I rp Dead Master, please let me know here.

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Jan. 15th, 2029 11:13 am
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[ The Otherworld. Grey, dreary, dead. A wasteland where imagination of the anguished souls rule. A low moon hangs in the stagnant sky. Dead Master walks onto screen, dragging her scythe behind her as she passes tall black canyons. Her two giant skulls float beside her, expressionless. Seem like any other day in their otherworld, right?

NOPE. This time there is a humble piano melody beginning in the background. The too skulls start out with a tender "oooh"- that's right, they're going to be the chorus. While DM there might seem like she's thinking to herself, as with any musical, thoughts must be expressed to the audience in ~song~. A ballad, actually. But unlike that official version, her own voice remains soft throughout, barely touching upon the crescendo at the end. ]

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May. 23rd, 2012 08:34 pm
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[ No. She's not going to give her a worldhop this time. Everytime Shooter spends with someone else, it's less time with her. She wants Shooter to stay here with her, of course. And it was Shooter that said the different worlds of the living were not for them in the first place. She can pile up other excuses, but the reality of the fact is that no, the possessiveness she has over Shooter has not left her. ]

[ video ]

Mar. 1st, 2012 02:13 am
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Killing someone?
Or letting them live?

If any would be willing

to share your opinion of
which you consider stronger,
I would be grateful.
[ she's got her own answer, but she's curious as to what others think ]
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[This video is uneventful. This video is peaceful. This video is continuous and obviously not intended. Dead Master sleeps soundly, a stuffed animal held tightly within her arms. The pale girl adjusts slightly, stretching as if about to wake, and then she relaxes with a satisfied sigh back into the mattress. She appears comfortable enough even as she sleeps with no covers or sheets. Watch and enjoy the innocent vulnerability of this girl, or wake her up and tell her the community has done away with privacy, to no one's surprise.]

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