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[Video] Locked to Kefka

[ Kefka is no longer part of what's going on in Sotoba, this much is fact. By putting whatever happened between them in the past, she can treat him as any other outsider to the situation. Meaning, she's free to associate with him on her own. Presently, she stands in front of the camera, a single golden apple in hand. ] Surely,

you know what this is.

[ unless he's like the many other community members who don't. ] I should like
to try something involving these,

but I would need

your assistance.
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I know what that is. I've been saving mine for an emergency.

[He pulls his out.]

I'll help, but there's a thing you need to do for me first.
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I want an apology for coming into my home uninvited, killing my vampire and not leaving after I told you to.
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Good. Don't do it again. At least ask next time, ok?

Now. What's up?
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[It's called killstealing okok. Kefka had dibs. Even if he wasn't going to do it for a while. yes. That's totally it. Yes.]

Sounds good! Do you want to work on it at your place or mine?
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Alright! I'll have my people start clearing out the labs! It'll be ready in a jiffy!
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woot woot!

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[Kefka's got his apple ready and has several of his flying books open and floating about. Voices are coming out of a few of them.]

The labs are almost cleared out!