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[DDD] Character Relationship Chart


"In the blue of the sky, heaven’s tears lie."
Black★Rock Shooter
Black★Rock Shooter
A being like me. One that I have known since before I became aware of my Otherself. Cares for peace, cares for duty, and thus cares for the kind of 'death' we may grant others and those that believe they can last forever. It does not matter if all of the world becomes nothing but peaceful ash. I wish for her to be for myself- to fight, to play, to attempt to care for, but above all I would like to know how to be a friend. Tied to our humans, events repeat and emotions we may channel return, but I would not let anyone else hurt her but me.

"To kill is my duty."

Shelly De Killer
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
A human whose profession is to kill others. He ascribes a certain honor to it by carrying it out and is not fond of failure. He seems to think himself above accepting help from others, and so has limited his potential targets to only other humans. I have offered him assistance. There is always a definite sense of right and wrong, of the senseless and the dutiful, around him despite what he does.

"It could reflect an aspiration."

Karen Minazuki
Yes! PreCure 5
A mature and graceful girl. I imagine she is someone to whom many can admire. She is the first outsider to enter my world, as well as the one who helped name Victory. I know I may look to her for outside support.

"It's how most people get treated."

Full Metal Alchemist
Greed itself. All other feelings, emotions, words, or actions he expresses or does may be attributed back to greed. He does not believe treating others as people, but objects, and will not listen to women. Frequently uses lies of omission as an excuse to be called honest.

"Holding onto it will only age them."

Klavier Gavin
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
A prosecutor who realizes that his grievances are not as important in comparison to others. He uses this comparison as a reminder that he need not think too deeply about what irks him. Although, I still think him somewhat of a masochist that he continues to associate with Greed. However, during the few amount of times we have spoken he has created a better image.

"I care for the earth's creatures. Save for humans."

Jezebel Disraeli
A doctor who believes that no one cares for him, so I offered to be one who does. I am not too familiar of his world or what he does, but I would not mind speaking with him again.

"You could've had some fun."

Morrigan Aensland
A succubus who enjoys and is indiscriminate of any male's attention. Although, planning and discussing with her is fun in of itself.

"Ah, is that all... "

Toshio Ozaki
A doctor of a small town who neither realizes he is not alone nor sees that he may pin the blame on me. If not, he should simply tell me to leave Sotoba- although I would not, for Greed appears to be threatening him due to what I have done. He does not enjoy speaking with me and avoids seeing me, although I would like to interact with him more. He is someone I should help protect, but I would like to see him happy, or simply relax. Of course, both of those seem to be beyond my power since I do believe he does not view me as a friend.

"I rather stay realistic than get my hopes up."

Legend of Dragoon
How to say...a down to earth woman. She appeared needlessly strict at first, but I do believe she has a warm heart and means well. This may be intrusive, but I wish to know more about her world. I am glad that she seems to trust me enough to confide in me about her relationship with Naesala.

"My dear..."

Doc Scratch
A stuffed puppet who has strong ties to the world of the trolls. He never answers questions completely, which makes him less that trustworthy. It seems his pride permits him to underestimate others. He has allowed me to collect his corpse when he passes.

"Get out get out GET OUT!"

Kefka Palazzo
Final Fantasy VI
A 'god' of his world that seems to want to destroy his world. He is extremely apt at magic, and I believe he is underestimated by much of the community for how silly he may behave. However, I find him difficult to understand at times- almost as difficult as Doc Scratch.

"You're cold..."

William Turner, Jr.
Pirates of the Caribbean
Not a pirate, despite with whom he associates. He is a strong, good man with his heart in an honest and courteous place. I think he will succeed at whatever quest or trial he sets out to accomplish. One day I do wish to visit his world, even if it is not for the reason of helping him.

"Truly, I wonder which one of is more cruel."

Battler Ushiromiya
Umineko no Naku Koro ni
A youthful and passionate detective who has been reduced to playing with mediocre witches. He has 'locked' me from his world. I do not think I will attempt to contact him, then. Although, I am glad he has recovered from his most recent virus and is on better terms with Yuri Nakamura again.

"I don't like secrets..."

Gellert Grindelwald
Harry Potter
A powerful, optimistic wizard who I fought. His optimism bleeds into overconfidence. Indeed, I should hope that he will realize this soon.

"No. I'd never."

Light Yagami
Death Note
A murderer who attempts to justify what he does and will lie about it. I am rather disappointed that he continues to be two-faced, but it is much more disappointing to know that he does not use his brilliance for some other task. Any human or creature has that ability to kill another, to terminate another's chance at life. It is not such an impressive talent, if it is one at all; however, not everyone can save or help. I do so hope he will challenge himself to not be such a murderer.

"Yeah, it really is a shame, isn't it?"

Ange Ushiromiya
Umineo no Naku Koro ni
As the younger sister of Battler Ushiromiya, she attempts to help him solving the mystery of her island. She seems much too lonely. She tends to show a fake indifference towards many things.

"Hmmm. Is it because we're friends now?"

Yuri Nakamura
Angel Beats
A girl who lives in an afterlife different from my own. For some reason, this afterlife judges on whose lives were deemed tragic, rather than including all who simply have a strong desire to live. She wishes to rebel against a god that may or may not exist. She is loud and opinionated, and I wonder if she was like this in life as well. She has a talent for organizing people and including others into putting effort towards one goal.

"Couldn't hurt, I guess."

Rei Suzumura
A 'Mankai Knight' in his world, whose duty is to slay these beings called 'Horrors'. I have sparred with him once. He is enjoyable to speak with, and I am glad that we have not fallen out of friendship even if we have not had much contact.

"My circumstance is complicated..."

Feferi Peixies
A troll child who knows her death approaches, yet has already come to accept her fate. There should be some way to change this, but I do not know her well enough to intrude. She is quite possibly the only troll for whom I will care now and when she dies.

"Current semi-washed captain."

Captain Jack Sparrow
Pirates of the Caribbean
A pirate that knows both William and Elizabeth Turner. He does not take care of his hygiene and seems to care more for himself and his life than anyone else. At the moment he is dead, but knowing this community and William Turner's determination, it will not stay that way for long.

"Don't try to assume anything about me."

Minatsuki Tamaki
Deadman Wonderland
A young girl who enjoys clinging to her hate an paranoia regarding others that break her trust. She did not believe what I told her of Battler Ushiromiya. Trust is difficult to build, but simple enough to break. I wonder, I hope, if it will at all recover.

If anyone would like to have someone else added to this chart, please comment here!