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hugmyscythe ([personal profile] hugmyscythe) wrote2012-04-10 01:06 pm
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RL with Rei Suzumura, backdated like whoa

[ It is not and never would be a physical exhaustion that plagues her, and she certainly will not admit that she is exhausted at this moment. No, her tiredness comes of a different sort. Times like these she would turn to fighting as a distraction, but she finds it curious that at the moment she does not find any appeal in her favorite pastime.

A small break is needed for a time like this, to prevent her from abandoning troubles altogether (an option she fights from considering). Fortunately, she feels secure enough to leave Shooter in her home world. So here she is, back in Shinjuku in a world where there is life, activity, and worry over things that do not threaten life itself. It is not as strange to her as it once was, and among the bustling crowds of the city she feel a bit more comfortable than last time.

This second time around, Rei would not be difficult to find. ]

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