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hugmyscythe ([personal profile] hugmyscythe) wrote2012-07-16 12:10 pm
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backdated to July 5th

[ She knows Gellert well enough to guess what he likes. That is, excitement and a challenge enveloped in danger. She may consider him foolish in other areas, but she does admire his taste in adventure and the overflowing courage.

Putting those together, she figures out (what she thinks is) a wonderful birthday present: dragon hunting. The one area of her world that is known to culture dragons and serpents of foul and fierce natures suits this just fine. The terrain is rough, with scattered, black bones littering the ground. Giant chains swoop through the landscape, fastened to nothing but the tumultuous sky. The air is heavy with brimstone and acid, and in the distance a pained roar of a great beast can be heard: a bone-chilling sound that most would only hear before death.

But. He is the type of man that would laugh in the face of death. If they happen to meet the mistress of this particular domain, she wouldn't mind seeing him laugh at her, too. For now she waits for his arrival, her scythe already out. ]

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